Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Welcome to Mommy Glow ya'll

Let’s get the basics out the way so we can get to the good stuff:

I spend most of my time entertaining and acting a fool with my lovely-dance pri
ncess-hates sleep-capri sun junkie-tiara wearing-my way or the highway 4 year old daughter.

(she is very fashionable!)

I do not fit the mold of the middle aged-cookie cutt
er-Betty Crocker-minivan driving-soccer mom-stay at home-everything is roses type Mom. That will neverrrr be me! And you know what while I was pregnant and for a period after my daughter was born I felt like I needed to be “that mom” . That mom getting out of the BMW X5. That mom rocking that Gucci Bag and 2 piece suit sash-saying through the streets in Louis Vuitton. That mom walking into her perfectly designed pottery barn kitchen. That mom who has dinner on the table for her family at 5pm…every night. That mom, that mom, that mom!!! I’M NOT THAT MOM! I’m the mom driving that 96 Camry. I’m the mom wearing black leggings and a cardi wrap with my wonderfully broken in Pumas. I’m the mom walking into the kitchen made up of used items from friends and family. I’m the mom who wants someone to cook me dinner, dangit! I aint perfect, but my daughter loves me anyways.

No, we can’t all live in a world of ridiculous fabulosity, reeking of expensive fragrances, luminous in just washed SUV’s, glowing in freshly micro-dermabrased skin. No, not all of us have the luxury of a nanny, a personal chef and personal trainer. We, the “others” are stuck with minimum wage, un-affordable housing, single parenthood, trains and buses. We, the less fortunate ones aka the forgotten ones are the ones suffering.

So here I am in 2010 thinking to myself, why don’t I see other moms like me portrayed in books, magazines, and in the media. Why do I hear other moms like me? Is it because there are no moms like me? Not the case at all. As a 24 year old black woman I rarely see other younger moms (especially minority mamas) viewed as positive role models and viewed in a good light. Instead we are viewed as just another sad sad statistic living off the government gon to the grocery store to use up her food stamps, shoot. Yep I said it. Well you know what…I may be 24, I may be a single (and fabulous) mom, I may not own a house or drive a new gleaming car, I may not be able to afford the latest Crew Cuts for my child, but I still got it. Still got that Mommy Glow.

Now, I say full speed ahead. I have my mind set, my daughter by my side, and head towards the sky. And I know that there aint nothing I can’t do.



  1. How did I miss this post??!?!?!?!!? You already know I LOVE IT! :) KEEP IT UP!!!! :)

    You're right - there's NOTHING you can't do!!!!

  2. hehe, thank YOU!! I think it's my fav post so far :)


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