Sunday, January 2, 2011

Mamavation Monday

Last Week’s Goals:
-Walk 10 miles [there is about a foot and a half of snow so hoping to get as much walking as I can]
-Pack lunch the 3 days I’m in the office
-Eat healthy snacks
-Do a workout DVD one time this week
-Limit alcohol intake on New Years

This week walking totals:

Monday: 1 mile
Tuesday: 2.8 miles
Wednesday: 2.8 miles
Thursday: 2.7 miles
Friday: 2.5 miles
Saturday: 3 miles
Sunday: 1.9 miles

TOTAL: 16.7 miles

Woo-Hoo, I surpassed my walking total by 6.7 miles which is great! Luckily we didn’t have any more snow, pair that with warmer temperatures and walking wasn’t too difficult this week. This weekend my daughter and I walked a total of 4.9 miles together! That is a lot for her little legs!! This is her today on our walk:
And today I did Day 1 of Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. If you are unfamiliar with Jillian Michaels, she does not play around. She can be very intimidating. She means business. There are 3 levels and workouts are only 20 minutes, which is great for my schedule. But, you do not stop moving the entire 20 minutes. I literally laid on the floor for 10 minutes after I completed today’s workout. I was beat. I used 5lb weights for the arm workouts and figured that would be too heavy, but it proved to be quite hard and I know my arms are going to burn tomorrow. But no pain, no gain. I am doing the Shred with Tara over at The Young Mommy Life so we are going to keep each other motivated and accountable. I am hoping Ro over at RandomRoRo will join in as well! Let me know if you want to join in The Shred-Get it right, get it tight team! Lol
My daughter wanted to work out as well and she was sooo ready for 20 minutes with Jillian:
I did a good job at bringing lunch last week and am going to do better this week!! I made a big pot of yummy Lentil soup for lunch and look at all the yummy snacks I have for the week:
I've got: almonds, cucumbers, apples, celery, carrots, tangerines, almond butter, wheat thins, and a couple of mixes from Target

To help me with water intake I’m going to be using some Crystal Light packets [thanks ThrBabyMamaChronicles], but not the entire packet in my water bottle. Using the entire packet makes the water way too sweet for my taste.

I did great with my alcohol intake on New Years, because what I got to drink at home [Skinny Girl Margarita] was absolutely disgusting!!

So all in all I think I did pretty damn good with my goals for this week!

-Ordered a great Eat Smart Precision Scale from Amazon, so now I can get accurate readings of my weight! My scale now is old and never accurate.
-Finally went out an bought a foam roller to relieve the tension in my muscles, I’m very excited about finally using it!
-Won a Kymaro Door Trainer from Mamavation [thank you!] so excited to do some pushups, situps, and dips!

This weeks goals:

-Walk 18 miles
-Continue with The Shred
-Continue eating healthy snacks
-Increase water intake
-Become a Mamavation Mom finalist

Ok Glowicious readers, if you don’t know, I’m applying to be the next Mamavation Mom and there are just 3 more days to voice your support for me to be a Mamavation Mom. I’ve had such tremendous support and I thank you all for believing in me and voicing your opinion. Finalists are chosen on January 5th so I am asking you to please continue the support by doing the following:

Please head over to Mamavation and tell bookieboo that you believe I would be a great Mamavation mom. Please use my twitter handle @YoungFabMama

And please keep the support going on Twitter by tweeting:
“Hey @bookieboo! I want (@YoungFabMama) to be the next #Mamavation Mom. She has my support!

What are ways you can work out without having to leave the house?
Now that the weather is cold, exercising inside is ideal for many people. While I dont have one [yet] I hear systems like Wii & Xbox Kinect are great interactive ways to exercise and have fun within the comfort of your own home.
I have purchased a few dvds that vary in style, and I'm able to choose which one fits my mood and workout style.

MAMAVATION TV: Join us Monday night at 7pm PST/10pm EST on Mingle Media TV. The Mamavation Mom applicants [including myself] will be special guests!!
BLOGGING CARNIVAL: This week’s blogging carnival is sponsored by GameStop.


  1. way to go on your walking! I love your little one she is so cute! Your food looks so good! I just went and got healthy items as well! Your goals this great are wonderful very good luck!

  2. You're on a roll! I'm super duper proud of you, Alex! Walking this week PLUS the Shred.... that's great! And I'm so happy you are getting tips from other and have Tara and Ro who will work out with you.

  3. I am so exited You are doing 30 days Shred. I only have few days left and it is definitely working - I will be happy to support you! I am doing it with 4 pounds. I think Level 1 was the most difficult for me. Good Luck!

  4. I've heard great reviews on The Shred. Can't wait to hear more. You're doing so well on your walking, and eating well. I'm so proud of you and what an awesome role model you are for your daughter!

  5. hey Alex, I am officially on this road with you. Great job on reaching your goals!

  6. Sending energy and applause to you for your dedication to your health and being fit. I'm such a major slacker. Nothing but walks here and @mommydelicious knows that's important. Babygirl looks like she was enjoying the time. Keep snapping those pictures...memories are extremely important as we both know. My 11 yo old thinks my camera (yep the new one Santa just delivered) should go back to the North Pole, lolol!

  7. Way to go on the walking! It is my favorite activity by far, and gives me great results. It is hard to get out in the snow, isn't it? Once I have myself and the kids all bundled though, there is no turning back.

    Way to go with the Shred! I am still waiting for my copy to arrive, but when it does I will be cheering you on from my own sore and tired self. Keep it up!

  8. Your little one is adorable :)
    Congrats Alex! Today is Day 1 of a challenge I'm a part of. Quit a few people are doing the shred.
    Also, what kind of snacks are you packing? Just curious. I'm trying to get different ideas for healthy snacks.

  9. Check YOU out with your healthy snacks! SO proud of you and LOVE that your daughter worked out too! You're setting a great example for her. I love how you create weekly goals and actually write them out. This is something I need to try because I've been feeling in a rut lately and need new goals to work toward. I keep hearing writing them out is the key to success! ;-)

  10. I am so proud of you! And baby girl is too cute! It's a great idea to make this a family affair. Best of luck to you this week and as you compete to become the next Mamavation Mom.

  11. THANKS!!!
    @Stephen and Amanda O'Dair-Thanks! Yes I knew healthy snacks would be a must, as snacking can be my downfall

  12. @Alicia@MommyDelicious - Thanks! And Im so excited to have Tara and Ro join me! Its great to have pple going thru what you are to keep each other motivated and inspired!
    @elenka29 - The Shred is killer, but no pain no gain! That is awesome that you are almost done, you must feel a great deal of accomplishment!
    @TheBabyMammaChronicles- Thank You! She is my joy, and I want to be sure I am setting the right example :)
    @@Janelle – Yes! Yes! Lets connect via email!! I’m so excited! Having other people on the same journey as you has been key to keep going! For me, I’ll stay committed for like 2 weeks, then I giveup. But Im determined to press on! I want to lose 30lbs by June!! Use the contact on the menu bar 2 email me!!!!!
    @DivaMom – Thank you, thank you! If you’re a major slacker then turn that negative into a positive. No better time than right now to start living the life you want!! Oh I’m on the camera all the time, cant you tell by her posing hehe.
    @OwensMom-Yes I’ve come to want to walk, which is weird for me! Hoping to start seeing results soon! Let me know when your copy comes in, always good to connect with people doing the same program as you!
    @Ashley – What are you doing for exercise? The Shred is no joke. I kinda hate it lol. Lets see currently in my snack bar are: almonds, raisins, applesauce, tangerines, green apples, granola thins by natures valley, wheat thins, roasted seaweed snack. Hummus is a good snack too!
    @Andrea – Yay!! I’ve still been trying to find the lentil chips you featured on your site!! I wont stop till I find them lol. Weekly goals has really helped me track my progress and stay on course! I encourage you to do it as well!
    @Laila- Thanks girl!! Gotta make it a family affair :)

  13. I just love seeing the pics of your little one, and watching how you two do these things together. My workout time is my ALONE time usually, and I am unfortunatly not very good at including the kiddos. I'm going to try to do better at that this year.
    Good luck with the Mamavation campaign!

  14. You're off to a great start. Mamavation or not, you definitely will meet your goals.

  15. You are doing fabulous! I love to see applicants making changes NOW and not waiting to find out if they have been chosen or not. It shows heart and determination! Keep it up!

  16. You are on a roll! Love that your daughter is so involved with you!

  17. What an awesome week! Your daughter is the CUTEST little kid ever! Got it from her Mama I bet!

    Way to go with the walking! Hope you can keep it up this week! I have the 30 day shred but I think it is still in the wrapper... oops...

    Maybe I will bust it open soon!

    Good luck this week hun!

  18. @MrsFatass - Thanks! As much as I love having her workout with me, it is a distraction :( But gotta do what I gotta do!!

    @The Adventures of Princess Zaria - I agree! While I am hoping I am chosen as a Mamavation Mom, if im not [highly unlikely] i will continue to reach my goals!

    @Lori - Thank you for your support. I also think it is important to show the mamavation sistahood and myself that I am dedicated and inspired!

    @C.Mom - My daughter is so great and so positive, she gets so excited to workout!!

    @Laura - Thank You, I think shes pretty cute too :) Open The Shred! Just DO IT! You'll be thankful that you did!!!

  19. LOVE LOVE LOVE how motivated and driven you are with your health and fitness goals!! You are rocking this and will do fantastic as Mamavation Mom - or on you rown (and a MiLi challenge participant).

    I support you and you will do awesome!! Have a fantastic week!


  20. My two year old is loving your food choices. great job on the walking! You are doing awesome and your daughter is super cute for working out with you.

    Good luck tonight on mamavation tv!

  21. Ok, I am officially on this journey with you. I know all about the 30day shred and it is a great but brutal workout. I pulled my DVD out and dusted it off. Your little one is so precious and I love her workout gear! You are doing a great job lady keep it up.

  22. OMG! Your daughter is so cute!! Also, congrats on surpassing your goal by 65%! Woop.

    Not sure if she told you already, but Janice, @FitCheerldr is also doing the Shred and Elenka29 (Lena) is almost done with her 30 days! I did it for about 2 weeks in December. Good luck!! you can totally do it!

    Is Skinny Girl Margarita from whats her face from Housewives of NY?

    I am in love with my foam roller!!! You will love it! I hope you make it to the final 5! I would love to see you get healthier. Don't want you to be waking up all night long!!

    If you don't get picked, I know it's discouraging, but you still have ALLL of our support in the Move It Lose It challenge. Just pick yourself up and dust yourself off and go!! I do hope u make it though!!

  23. woohoo! You go girl! You have my support! you ROCK! you really helped me to see a different perspective on the walking. How hard is it to walk one-2 miles every day, and it really adds up by the end of the week. I complain about the cold here.. and you are the one with snow! We had some Christmas evening, and it has all melted 2 days later. I am such a wimp!

  24. Good for you girl!!! Those goals are great, and you are awesome for being able to follow thru on them.
    Happy New Year!

  25. Found you through twitter and Random Roro! Look forward to reading your blog! Good luck with mamavation!!

  26. Nice job with your walking goals! You are a firework!

  27. Good luck with your campaign. I am glad to have you in the sistahood because you are a role model for many.

  28. Way to go with the goals!!! I need to get committed to changing my habits... The only workout that I've gotten in lately is with the Xbox Kinect and a game called Dance Central. the plus? I'm learning some new moves hahaha



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