Friday, July 9, 2010

We've reached 50 followers...THANK YOU!!!

Wow, Mommy Glow has reached 50 followers WOO-HOO!! Just wanted to say thank you thank you to all my glow-tastic followers for all of your support and guidance along this journey. I was very nervous to create Mommy Glow I was afraid that people wouldn't want to listen to what a young mom would have to say. I was afraid my voice would be overlooked. But you all have helped me and guided me and given me amazing advice and have kept me writing.

I thank you.

And I hope you all continue following as I make my way through this maze called life.

Mary Kay Giveaway coming in the next few days!!!


  1. Awww..congrats!!!! And you have helped us and given us amazing advice as well.

  2. Thank you for all your support YUMMama!!

  3. yea!! congrats, wish you all the best and hope your blog continues to grow

  4. Thanks for your support and well wishes, means alot!!

  5. Congratulations MAMA!!!! Keep it up. I love it here!!!!


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