Thursday, November 18, 2010

What I’m Reading: Bitch is the new black

I love love love books. Did I mention that I love books? I heart reading. I wish I could do less textbook reading and more pleasure reading…one day in the near future that will be possible!

Since I was a child I’ve always loved reading all different kinds of books from diverse authors. I seem to get lost in the words on the pages and crave reading. Growing up the library in my town was in walking distance so I’d head there afterschool or on the weekends and read and browse through books for the entire day. Strange when I look back on it, but I enjoyed it then and still enjoy it now.

So, what am I reading? Along with 3 textbooks in Social Psych, American History, and Legal Issues in the Helping Profession I’m reading a super juicy book called:

Bitch is the new black

Doesn’t the title sound exciting?! The author, Helena Andrews is an African American grad of Columbia. When Andrews pitched the book she deemed it "Bridget Jones's Diary," part "Sex and the City” = exciting!!!

Ok so I’m only in Chapter Four, but I am totally obsessed with this book and wish wish wish I had more time to stay up and read and laugh along with Andrews’ story.

I want to give you a sneak peek of the book and while I am so obsessed and excited about it. Part of the inside cover reads:

Meet Helena Andrews. Sassy, Single, Smart, and Yes A Bitch-But Tina Fey Said it Best, Bitch is the New Black! …. Bitch Is The New Black follows Andrews – sexy, single, and a self-described smart-ass … Told in Andrew’s singular voice, this addictive memoir explores the roller coaster of being educates and single while trying to become an “actual adult” and find love.

Exciting!!! I definitely love supporting African American authors and so far I am soaking in all of Andrew’s words and style of writing. It’s inspiring, raw, honest, fresh, and yes exciting! Her writing is so effortless, I feel like I’m one of her girlfriends along her journey to find love.

Favorite quotes thus far from the book:

Problem is, I’m black and I have a vagina, so my Waiting to Exhale intuition tells me this shit ain’t for real.

Black women have won approximately three things – freedom, a hot comb, and Robin Thicke.

I’m a bitch, I swear I don’t want to be. Really, I think I have to be.

This last one really hits home for me. I think in general Black women are automatically generalized and slapped with the label: Bitch. It’s unfair and completely inaccurate. Though some women see the word bitch as a tool of empowerment. My question is what is a bitch? What is the definition?  We all have our own various definitions, which adds to the complexity of the issue.

I can’t wait to read more and get beyond Chapter 4, and I can’t wait to share more of the book with you all. I definitely encourage you all to purchase the book, and you can do so from Amazon

What are you reading??


  1. I actually just finished The Help and saw this book but the title kind of turned me off because, why the new BLACK, I'm in no way overly racialy sensitive but it just let a pass over. Maybe I'll reconsider if it's as fun as you say it is. Thanks!

  2. I can definitely understand your hesitation. I first heard of the book in Essence magazine earlier this year, so I got some background on the author and wasn't just faced with the title of the book. It's witty and sassy and the writing is fantastic, it comes highly recommended!
    How was The Help?? I've recently heard about it, and believe they are making a movie out of it? Let me know your thoughts on the book!

  3. Hey Mommy Glow! Great post. That sounds like a very interesting book. By the way, I really like your blog.

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  4. A few of my girlfriends are reading this at work and can't stop talking about it! I agree that the bitch label is totally unfair. I have African American friends who are my closest friends and they are anything but bitchy. I think women whether white, black, yellow etc are just bitchy by nature. We're women with hormones LOL!

  5. Thanks for the feedback!
    @JSin - Its so exciting, a def must read!

    @Kimberly - Such a misconception, right?! We can ALL be bitchy at times: female OR male!! The book def has me laughing but its also insightful. Its not just hey maybe im a bitch blah blah blah. Much deeper than that, and I am loving it so far!

  6. I am sooooo looking forward to reading this, but I am not allowed to buy anymore books till I read the ones I have. It sucks my library doesn't have it.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  7. Hey Redbone, I can totally understand that! I have so many books I haven't read on my bookshelf, but when I hear about a good book, I feel compelled to purchase it. I worry if I dont then I'll forget lol


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