Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Bristol Palin & 'The Situation' PSA...are you SERIOUS?!

While getting ready for work last week, I needed a bit of motivation so turned on the radio to help me along my way. In the midst of brushing my teeth one of the hosts of the station was talking about a new PSA featuring Bristol Palin and Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino urging teens to “pause before they play.” I’ve never been a fan of either Bristol or Mike, but I was intrigued and watched the PSA later that morning. 

According to the press release for the PSA which first aired on November 16th through The Candies Foundation, “the underlying message of the video is that both safe sex with protection and abstinence are methods to prevent teenage pregnancy.”

The PSA horrified me on several levels, and I reached out to a friend and former teen mom and blogger, Natasha Vianna for her thoughts and reactions to the PSA:

Firstly, I wish there was a way to capture the expression on my face upon watching this “Pause before you Play” video. It was a combination of shock, disgust and suspense – because I was waiting for Ashton Kutcher to jump out and tell us we have been Punk’d. In this video, Bristol Palin and “The Situation” from Jersey Shore promote that both safe sex with condoms and abstinence are methods to prevent teen pregnancy. As we are well aware, Bristol Palin is a former teen mother and for a great portion of the video, that isn’t made too clear. The Situation tells her that if she doesn’t wear a condom during sex, “You may end up with a situation, and you may not like that situation”. She responds, “I avoid  situations”. Now I know Bristol’s mother is an abstinence-only believer but does Bristol really avoid situations? Regardless, this video was not the best way to promote methods of teenage pregnancy prevention. The only messages I got from this campaign are that Bristol is a horrible actress, The Situation loves having sex, and do not watch Dancing with The Stars.

My thoughts exactly Natasha! Of all people to advocate preventing situations the best people they could come across were Bristol and Mike?? Bristol was appointed the ambassador to The Candies Foundation last year, and Mike well he’s a D list reality star, for lack of a better term. What I find extremely ironic is that Bristol is a former teen parent and told Fox News in 2009 that abstinence is “not realistic at all.”

Bristol and Mike are not in my radar and I am utterly perplexed as to why these two are constantly in the spotlight. This PSA is full of horrendous acting and childish language. When tackling an issue like teen pregnancy, there is no room for silly metaphors like situations. It’s a serious issue that needs to be addressed seriously; especially in these PSA’s which thousands of teens will see.

I’ve never watched any episodes of The Jersey Shore, but this Situation character has been splashed on TV’s and magazines for months. Doing what? Grinning while lifting up his shirt and at the same time putting gel in his hair? Pah-lease. And you want me to take advice from him? Does he even know how to spell abstinence?

Is this PSA an effective tool to urge teens to practice abstinence or safe sex? No, no, no. Bristol is basically saying, hey teens do as I say not as I do! It’s extremely laughable and she should be embarrassed. It’s funny, she’s urging teenagers not to have babies, but let’s take a look at Bristol. She’s in the spotlight, she’s ‘famous’ and she’s on Dancing with the Stars. Oh and occasionally she may have to watch her son. What message is this spreading to our highly impressionable youth?

The Candies Foundation along with Bristol and Mike were attempting to make a video that would appeal to the youth, by using simple language and even simpler acting. Society has lowered its standards when videos like these are floating across the internet. Yes, practicing safe sex with the use of condoms and birth control are effective ways of preventing teen pregnancy along with abstinence, but not from the mouths of Bristol and Mike. 

Have you seen the PSA? What are your thoughts? 


  1. Wow, they could have done a better job with this PSA. I do agree that having Mike on the PSA was a little bit pointless because all he did on the Jersey Shore was treat women like whores. You can't ask teens to look up to somebody like that.

    And I think that people need to stop trying to portray Bristol as not having kids in these PSAs. It would be more realistic if she did PSAs acknowledging that she's a teen mom and talking about how she should have waited. Teens don't react to that do as I say and not as I do stuff. They want you to keep it real with them and let them know your struggle.

  2. OMG this is disgusting. I am horrified.
    Seriously is this the best they could have done? I think not. I get they were trying to be clever, but it is just tacky. I don't see anything in watching this but a joke. Crawls my skin. Thanks for sharing.

  3. This PSA is definitely laughable and to be honest, it seems like they're making a joke out of the "situation." Both the real situation at hand and Mike Sorrentino! Lol! And I now don't know what's worse, Bristol's dancing or her acting!I agree with you, they don't make it clear that Bristol is a teen mom. She mentions that she's not going to get into a situation "again," but it seems like they have her stressing the "I don't have sex" message rather than "I don't have sex anymore...and here's why." That would've been a much more powerful message. They are completely insulting the intelligence of teens everywhere with this wack PSA.

  4. I haven't seen it.Sounds horrible! I have never watched Jersey shore either but, as you so adeptly say, pahlease! What a joke. Really, that's the best they could do? They need a real role model on there, like you Mama!

  5. Very well said. Thanks for the information. I hadn't heard about it before now.

  6. BTW I gave you a blog award. Come by and get it when you get a chance.

  7. This is ridiculous.. I agree 100% with the lowered standards... I cant.. I just cant. I wish whoever is in Bristol camps advising her on what PR to do- would just quit. She's turning herself into a punchline. and as for MIKE.. 'no comment, steps off soapbox, turns off mic" not even worth the time. Hot Mess.




  8. Honestly, WHO thought this would be a good idea?! I mean COME ON PEOPLE!
    @YUMMama- Totally agree. Bristol needs to own the fact that she was a teen mom. Its not something to be ashamed of.
    @Janelle - I'm horrified right there with you.
    @Andrea - Both her dancing and acting are HORRENDOUS. But what I dont understand is that they both seem to have a fan base, people seem to like them. From what I hear Bristol is/was getting alot of votes on DWTS. And Jersey Shore seems to have this cult following. But, WHY?! Why dont we support people who are trying to make the world a better place!
    @TheBabyMamaChronicles - Aww thanks! Idk @ being a role model, but I do work damn hard to create a nice life for my daughter.
    @Mrs.K - Thank You! I'll go over and visit!
    @Ro - Right!!!! LIKE WHAT THE HELL IS THIS AWFUL-NESS! SMH, SMH, SMH! Ha, a PSA?! Hmmmmm lol

  9. Just wondering, are any of you actual teens? I find it incredibly obnoxious and adultist when older people try to decide what messaging works or doesn't work with young people. Young people watch Jersey Shore and many can relate to Bristol's conservative background. Before you say it's ineffective, think about how many people won't change the channel just to see what those two have to say. I personally don't "like" either of them but as a youth, I see their appeal to get young people to pay attention. I can assure you that more than half the young people who have watched and rewatched that PSA wouldn't have if some random adult was sending the message. My point? Don't assume you know what's best for a group you aren't a part of.

  10. @Daunasia - They are aiming at youth to ask them to engage in abstinence and/or safe sex. I consider myself in the "youth" category and I gave birth to my daughter when I was a teenager, so I feel I have every right to voice my opinion regarding this PSA. And I appreciated all of the comments from my readers, and we do not know what group they are part of, and I know that many of my readers are in the age group that this PSA is aimed at. Yes people may watch this more than once. But its not because they are going to pause before they play, its so they can laugh at it.

  11. I agree with mummyglow-I don't think the issue is that this wont get 'attention'. I'm sure it will, but maybe NOT for the reason's intended. I was pregnant at 16 and now maybe I'd be considered 'old' but I think this PSA is v. patronising and embarrassingly cringy, and I'm pretty sure at 16 I would have found this even more patronising and cringy!


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