Monday, December 6, 2010

Monday Mamavation

I have been slacking on my mamavation posts. What’s to blame? Well….I have awful time management. I get caught up doing one thing and forget about the whole list of other things I need to do. And I’ve been stressed. When I get home and get my daughter settled and cook and do my homework, I’m beyond the point of exhaustion. But I did make a commitment to my health, so I have to keep going, even though it’s a struggle.

This past week I officially became car-less. It was sad to sell my car, but my car lived a long life and helped myself and my daughter out tremendously. So now I am a slave to public transportation, lol. I’ve taken this opportunity to get a jump-start on my fitness, and have begun walking. A LOT. Below is the breakdown of my walking journey last week:

Tuesday: 3 mi
Wednesday: 3 mi
Thursday: 3.9 mi
Friday: 5.2 mi
Saturday: 2.4 mi
Sunday: 2.4 mi

TOTAL = 19.9 miles

When I added up all the miles last night I was like WOW. I couldn’t believe I walked that much!! So instead of taking the bus to work, I walk. And then I walk to my daughter’s school to pick her up in the afternoons and then we walk to the bus to go home. I’ve also been walking [instead of taking the bus] to run errands, like the grocery store, post office, or bank. The first couple of days my legs and thighs were well, I don’t know if they were happy or really mad lol. Now my body has gotten used to my daily walks, and I feel good about getting out to walk, and it gives me an opportunity to listen to all the new music I’ve been neglecting!

19.9 miles seems like a lot in a week, and I wonder if I keep it up [weather permitting] if I’ll be able to see any weight loss. I’m assuming I’m also going to need to pair it with some other kind of exercise routine, but I think I’m on the right track…at least I hope so!

I’ve also been eating smaller lighter meals at dinner. I haven’t been craving huge meals at dinner anymore, and have been wanting some light and healthy [yes!]. I’ve been loving greens and am currently obsessed with collard greens! And I’m also cooking more vegetarian meals and cooking with more beans [kidney, lentil, chickpeas] to get some extra protein in my diet.

This week I’m going to continue my walking and try to add in some push-ups and sit-ups at the end of every day.

I’ve never walked for weight loss before, anyone have any tips?  I’ve been trying to up my h20 intake as well, but I’m not doing a great job, and would love some tips!

Happy Monday!


  1. Just remember to pace yourself. And I was recently watching a Dr. Oz and show and he explained that juices and Powerade can also count as water and are better suited for the active body.

  2. Thanks YUMMama!! Yes I definetly have to remember to pace myself! I often times want everything to happen right away, but that is not realistic. Off to get some tea now :)

  3. Hey there - awesome job on the walking! Woohoo! That's like walking up and down Manhattan!

    Would you consider joining some of the mamavation moms doing the shred? I think it'll help along with the walking. Not sure how much time you have though!

    How are you doing the collard greens? Can you tweet me ? @MiddleAgedJock

    Have a great week!

  4. WOW is right! That's awesome! I'm so proud of you. Keep us posted :)

  5. Thanks guys! Seeing the 19.9 really makes me feel like I've accomplished alot!! And all in one week! Going from zero exercise to 19.9 miles is alot, but just like YUMMama says, I have to pace myself!!
    @gretablau - I would love to join some of the mamavation moms doing the shred! I actually have Jillian's Shred DVD, but am sooo afraid to try it! She is super hardcore!! But probably what I need to get into serious shape! What would the time commitment be? I am doing great w/ the greens, will be going back to the store to get more today. Sometimes I saute w/ garlic and olive oil, or sometimes I cook w/ chicken broth, yummo!!
    @TheBabyMamaChronicles - Thank you, thank you! Will def keep you posted!!

  6. 19.9 MILESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS WHAT!!!!?? You go Gurrrrrrrrrrrrl (Martin Voice)! Thats amazing. I also became car-less recently... and it has not upped my walking any lol its upped my patience.. in getting picked up! lol.

    Im super proud of you and yes.. you will start to notice thigns fit looser soon... and yes- up the H2O!

    I just had a thought that will talk to you offline about!!



  7. WOW 19.9 miles!!! That is so totally awesome!!!

  8. Thank you @TheSimpleJocabellLife - I still cant believe it was that much! But I did it!!

  9. @Ro - I did it what-what! Im determined to get above 20 miles this week [ahhhhh] Being car-less definitely stinks, but given me an opportunity to work on my fitness. I actually just had a glass of h20 and going to have another. A thought?! Email me girl!!

  10. Wow! I'm actually jealous that you are in a position to walk to work/errands/etc! That is fantasitc! I love living in the "country" but not anywhere close to public transportation and my work commute is a min of 30 min by car.

    You will DEFINATELY notice a change as you continue walking! So excited to follow you on this journey :)

    AND if Earth footwear ends up under your tree, you'll DEFINATELY notice a difference!

    Good luck this week :)

  11. Walking Rocks! All movement adds up and walking is inexpensive and can be done anywhere. I also love that a walker will miss less days due to injury. When I lived abroad the weight melted off when I walked everywhere. I even walked for lunch.

    Best of luck to ya and am glad to see your post.

  12. WOW! Your kickin' some major butt with all that walking! Great job! I am impressed at your meals that your are working into your diet. Great job and keep up all the hard work!

  13. Sounds like you are making huge strides to living healthy. Its a good thing you live somewhere with public transportation. I have lived anywhere with that. I have to commend you on putting in the miles. That's as many miles as it takes to drive through the mountain valley where we live (a feat I have yet to think about walking). Good Luck this week with keeping up your goals and changes.

  14. W-O-W i got tired just reading this post!
    thanks for checking out my blog. i'm glad to have found yours. :) (ps thanks Ro!)

  15. we can't get anywhere with public transportation - suburbs! Great job on walking. Cheers!

  16. Thank you for the support! Its giving me great motivation to walk even more this week. Though the weather has become extremely cold up here in MA, so I'm worried how that will affect my walking. So far i've been ok, but its realllly cold lol!.

  17. awesome job on the walking i hope you can continue to get walks in. I was somewhat carless this last week, my car was getting repaired so i had to share a car with my mom



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