Sunday, January 9, 2011

Mamavation Monday

What a week!

Last Week’s Goals:
-Walk 18 miles
-Continue with The Shred
-Continue eating healthy snacks
-Increase water intake
-Become a Mamavation Mom finalist

This Week Walking/Exercise Totals:
Monday: 3.4mi [2nd day Shred, Lv1]
Tuesday: 3mi Shred, 45 sec plank, [3rd day Shred, Lv1]
Wednesday: 4.1mi [4th day Shred, Lv1]
Thursday: 4.2mi [5th day Shred, Lv1]
Friday: 4.3mi [6th day Shred, Lv1]
Saturday: .5mi, 3-30sec plank, 50 jumping jacks [7th day Shred, Lv1]
Sunday: 1mi, 4-30sec planks, 15 push-ups [8th day Shred, Lv2]

Total Miles = 20.5

Another week in a row that I surpassed my walking totals! I walked an extra 2.5 miles beyond my goal, and it feels great! I’m really getting used to walking now; it’s become something I have to do. I don’t even get mad anymore when I see the bus go by. Walking has given me a time to clear my head and get my thoughts together and catch-up on my music!! I’m pretty obsessed with Kanye West – My Dark Sick Twisted Fantasy oh and N.E.R.D! Definitely have to have something upbeat for my walk to work in the morning. And I feel like my legs jiggle less and that they’ve possibly firmed up! Wouldn’t that be awesome! With all the walking I’m doing, my legs HAVE to be toning up!

I have continued with Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred. Somehow. You’re supposed to do Level 1 for 10 days than switch to Level 2, but I along with Tara at The Young Mommy Life have been doing The Shred together and she progressed to Level 2, so I HAD to switch. When she told me she sat on the floor for 20 minutes after, I was a little scared, but I went ahead and did Level 2. And… kicked my butt, big time!! Attempting to do Level 2 really showed how out of shape I am! I had to stop multiple times even though I followed the modified version of the exercise. Jillian Michael is serious! Its 20 minutes of pure butt-kicking. Instead of motivating me, it’s making me want to run away! But I know that I HAVE to press on. That I have to force my body to work hard. It’s just really discouraging when I cannot keep up with the pace or exercises! But into week 2 we go, and I’m determined to by the end of the week do Level 2 without stopping! Go hard or Go home I say.

I think I did pretty good eating healthy snacks last week. I tend to snack on the same things and immediately go for almonds or tangerines or my dried fruit/nut mix, so overall I have been doing ok. I didn’t buy many new snacks for this week because I still have a lot of snacks from last week.

Breakfast. UGH. So I have to admit, I don’t love breakfast. I would much rather skip to lunch. Most days my body isn’t hungry until 11am, but I know waiting that long to eat is not healthy for my body SO I’m going to be making smoothies or oatmeal in the morning. There is a great smoothie recipe featured in this month’s Health magazine that I’m going to adapt for me. The ingredients include baby spinach, ground flaxseed, frozen fruit, and milk. I’m excited and nervous about the spinach, but hoping its packed with good for you stuff, so hoping my body likes it…and my tastebuds!

I went grocery shopping today and these are some of the foods I picked up:
Oatmeal, flaxseed, whole grain pasta & egg noodles, mushrooms, strawberries, and baby spinach.

Been doing a lot better with water this week, and I hardly had any juice which is great. But I realized that I probably should try to pay attention to how much water I’m drinking. So the plan is to go buy a small water bottle and keep on filling it up. If you remember in a previous post I said a bigger bottle intimidates me and I like my water really cold, so I think a small one would work out great for me.

I packed my lunch everyday but Tuesday, when I was craving sushi!! So I headed over to Whole Foods and got some veggie sushi and inari and it was just delish!!! Mmm, totally worth the money!

I was supposed to go to Zumba with my daughter on Tuesday, but she was sick so we’re pushing Zumba class to this coming Tuesday. Now that I’m really thinking about it, I’m nervous about how she is going to do for an entire 60 minutes of dancing. Yes she loves to dance and is a ball of energy, but ya 60 minutes, I don’t know. But I’m still going to try and will bring a bag full of goodies to entertain her if she doesn’t want to dance anymore.

Mamavation finalists get chosen tonight at midnight, I’m going to try to stay up as late as I can, but I start getting cranky at 10 so we’ll see. Big thanks to all those that have supported me in my quest for wellness, it has meant so much to me!! I’ll keep you updated to let you know if I am a finalist!

Oh and I lost .2 lbs lol. Its not much, BUT its a start. And I am very very happy that the scale did not INCREASE!!

This Week’s Goals:
-Walk 20 miles
-Continue The Shred – Level 2
-3-30sec planks everyday
-10 pushups everyday
-Zumba class Tuesday
-Buy water bottle & record water intake
-Lose 2lbs

I also want to start meal planning to try to make my life easier, and I’d love if you could share your favorite healthy dinner recipes!!

This week’s blogging carnival is sponsored by SalonPas.

Have you ever been injured starting a new exercise routine? Tell us about it…If not, do you get any aches and pains? Where?

I have not been seriously injured as a result of starting a new workout routine, but while doing the workout program Chalene Extreme last year I experience severe discomfort in my neck. The Chalene Extreme program utilizes weights and focuses a lot on the upper body. For some reason 3 weeks into the program my trapezoid became extremely tense and seemingly flared up. Nothing I would do with ease the discomfort and world stretch and stretch, but nothing. Finally after consulting my Doctor she told me to stop the program and prescribed a muscle relaxer and weeks later the extreme tenseness of my trapezoids went away. But they are still generally tense and I know I can attribute that to the fact that I’m on the computer 40 hours a week at work and then when I’m home on the computer. Boo!


  1. congrats!!! u got a lot done this past week...keep it up!

  2. N.E.R.D. is perfect for walking (must be that marching band background). If you are having issues with breakfast then try making something you would like for lunch for breakfast. It doesn't matter what it is as long as it is nutritious and not excessively caloric. Have a great week.

  3. You are seriously kicking butt with The Shred and all the other stuff too. You are amazing! I just refused to weigh myself for the whole 30 days, because I didn't want to get frustrated with weight gain due to the muscle gain. Good Luck!

  4. Congrats on exceeding your goals. I'm praying that you're a Mammavation mom.
    I'm working on my plan this week. I'll keep you updated.
    Also in your smoothie, you probably wont taste the spinach.

  5. Congrats on sticking with Shred! I am on day 4 and yes, it is kicking my behind something fierce.

    I have to agree with Kia, eat something you enjoy for breakfast. I like having dinner leftovers some days. That's okay. Just start you day off right.

    Hope your daughter is up for the Zumba class this week. Best of luck with your goals. Have a great week!

  6. WOW! You go! I love your progress and your spirit! Keep those positive thoughts and affirmations coming and soon you'll be able to do the Shred lv2 like it was nothing! Keep up the hard work!

  7. Stop making me look bad! lol.. JK I love it.. and YES Breakfast!!(I dont want to have to hurt you) lol Awesomesauce!



  8. WOW you are kicking some Shred tail! Way to go!

  9. I love this! You are kicking butt! I need to walk more but I have to figure out how to do it with 3 kids!!!! Grrrr...

  10. First let me say congrats on being selected as a Mamavation finalist!!! You did it! I'm so proud of you for sticking with this and for being so determined to move forward with your life in a positive way. You are truly and inspiration.

    As soon as, I have this baby I'm going to be getting back on track with my fitness and work out game. And don't beat yourself up too hard over the Jillian Michaels workout. You have to remember that she has years and years of training under her belt. As long as you do your best and complete the workout regardless of how many times you have to stop, it's ok.

    As your body becomes more conditioned it will get easier to workout without stopping. One thing I learned as a high school athlete is to trust your body. Push it, but don't over do it. That's injuries occur. I have faith that this week will be great!!

  11. Way to go Mama! You are doing amazing! You are definitely motivational! Can't wait for the big news on Mamavation.

  12. The green smoothies (with spinach or other greens) are AWESOME! I make them a lot and share with my 3YO DD. She wouldn't touch a spinach leaf any other way! LOL

    Good job with your fitness this past week! And good job recognizing your downfall with not eating breakfast. Your body will THANK you when you eat breakfast!

    Here's to another great week!

  13. After the first time I did the Shred, I switched to level 2 right away too. Level 1 wasn't quite challenging enough, but level 2 kicked my butt! To this day, I think level 2 is the hardest. Even moreso than level 3, but maybe that's just me! Lol!

    Great job on walking more than you planned and on the 0.2 lbs! You should definitely be excited; it's a sign you're doing something right! ;)

  14. I just lost all my comment. Woot!

    Anyhow...just stopping by to check your blog out. Love the layout and all. You know what that means right? Will be stalking this blog till you drop. Love to see smart, strong women with passion and boldness. Be sure to check out my blog

  15. Wow, you are awesome!

    Now following from We list all of the daily baby deals in real-time. Would love for you to follow back!

  16. Congrats on meeting your goals! It is encouraging as I am in the process of trying to lose baby weight! I ordered the 30 Day Shred when I found out about it from Yesterday was my first day and it hurt so bad. My legs felt like jello for an hour afterward!

  17. How awesome, keep movin girl! I'm on a similar path with ya!


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