Tuesday, March 16, 2010

And as I go, I stop

A lil poem I wrote a few months ago for a class. I have to constantly remind myself to pay attention to life as it's happening and stop rushing, rushing, rushing. Wonder if I'll learn...

And as I go
I stop.
And as I play
I pause.
When will I progress,
When will I get there?
For there is there and
here, well
Not here is where I want to be.
Come here, there,
please save me from here,
for I fear
what is here
because what is
No cure for this illusion
No remedy for this overwhelming
need to
get from
Did you know, I don't know how to walk
I run.
Knees bloody from falling
over and
over and over.
Do I need permission?
Who do I need to ask?
I want to be there, already,
aren't you listening.
For, I cannot go any further
I cannot run any faster.
I cannot reach there
fixing what is here
And now I must learn,
will you,
help me learn how to walk?

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