Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Next Era in Drive-Thru

I was reading my e-newsletter from and there was an article that really caught my eye about drive-thru’s. It’s an industry that seems to be booming!

Is it because we’ve become lazy??

From drive thru fast food to banks even some pharmacies have a drive-thru option.
And we can’t forget drive-thru movies. (which I’ve never been to before!)
Not to mention I was watching a show about Las Vegas Weddings and if you’re in a super duper hurry you can get married without getting out of your car! Yup, a drive-thru wedding…who would’ve thought!!

Then I got to thinking, what else should be drive-thru?
I swear my daughter is programmed to fall asleep just before we pull into parking lots. Making the task of getting her out the car and into her stroller a big big scene.
So, what else should be drive-thru?

-Grocery store – I’d love someone to just hand me over a jug of 1% milk, dozen eggs, and a box of whole grain pasta!
-Post Office - Sometimes the lines are ridiculous, so it’d be great to get a book of stamps by only putting my window down.
-Family Get Togethers– I sure could use a drive thru at times with my family. Do you have that cousin who just talks and talks and talks and talks!
-Kids Birthday Parties – They are a great way for my lil one to interact with other kids, but sometimes I need a break from all that chaos and cake!

What about you? What would you turn into a drive-thru??


  1. Did you know you CAN buy stamps at the drive-thru? Yes, at the ATM, there is an option to buy stamps. BEST.INVENTION.EVER!!!! :)

  2. I agree with you 100% about having a grocery drive thru... you have no idea how many times I've been tempted to drive up to the pharmacy window and ask them to hand me a gallon of milk!

    And I didn't know that you could get stamps at the ATM... I have to look into that. ;)


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