Saturday, July 3, 2010

Stressed with Finals, but I'm bacccck!!

I want to apologize to all my fabulous readers for my lack of posts recently. 

It seemed like all of the sudden I had 456 tasks to complete and only a limited amount of time to complete them. Stressed doesn't even begin to explain how I was feeling.

Do you know that show on Food Network called Dinner Impossible...well for the past 2 weeks I've felt like I was living Life Impossible. 

I work full time, I was enrolled in 4 classes, I'm a single mom, I have personal training twice a week, a blog, 2 freelance writing opportunities, a house to unpack, a car to fix, weight to lose, and oh ya, myself to think about. I was over my head with no one to rescue me or throw me a life-jacket. Well...I guess that's my fault. I've been alienating a lot of people lately, but I feel like I'm now able to see people for who they really are. And I don't want them in my life. Its really hard though. It's hard leaving people behind, but I have to do whats best for me and my daughter. And if your not helping and supporting me then I don't have the time to spend on you. Is that too harsh?? But now of course like I don't have anyone on my team, no one to call when I just need to vent or cry or just talk too.

Well anyways, I can breathe a sigh of relief...but only for 2 days because summer classes start on Tuesday, exciting!!(NOT!) And I have no idea how I am going to pay for my books for school...sigh.....

How do you deal with immense amounts of stress? 

Well enough ranting and raving:
Happy Fourth of July, hope you all have a great and safe weekend.

More posts to come this week, and stay tuned for Mommy Glow's first GIVEAWAY from Mary Kay!!


  1. Welcome back! I totally understand being overwhelmed. I'm currently in summer school but only have 2 weeks left.

    Sometimes I feel like stress will always be a part of my life. But I am using exercise as a way to center myself.

  2. Thanks for the support :) I also feel like stress is just part of my dna, which stinks. I just want to get to a point where I can look around at my life and breathe a sigh of relief then sit back and relax...thats why I work so hard now. It'll all pay off...right??

  3. Reading your post reminds me of the days when I was doing my MBA while working a full time job that required traveling. Now I'm looking for another job and I'm expecting a baby later on this month, apparently I'm a sucker for stress.

    I just know you'll make it through and it'll be all worth it.

    Best of luck to you!

  4. Awww....Things will get better Alexandra. Pray the answer and not the problem. And if you ever need someone to talk to, I'm hear from you. I'm a boat very similar to yours and I know how it feels to have the weight of the world on your shoulders and nobody to rescue you.

    But know that you are never alone. You have friends that may not be near, but still care!!! Keep your head up Mama!!

  5. Thanks for the support Sarcasm Inc! MBA huh? I was thinking about grad school after i graduate next year, but I dont wanna lose all my hair from stress, so for now its not on the agenda! Congrats on the baby!!! Love babies :)

    Thanks YUMMama, Im def taking you up on the offer on someone to talk too :) Its just so hard, I want to do EVERYTHING but Im only 1 person and can only do so much. I feel like I let myself down, which is really hard to live with. I try to remember that I'm not alone, but when I look around I see very few that I can actually depend on and trust...sigh...

  6. You have not let yourself down. You're just overwhelmed by everything that you have on your plate. It takes time for things to fall into place. One of my mottos is to never aim for perfection, but for my best. You will find that your best and perfection are too different things and that perfection is darn near impossible to obtain.

    So, don't worry about unpacking the whole house just yet. You'll have time after your finals to do that. Don't stress about whether you're doing a good job as a mother because from reading your posts and seeing the huge smiles on your daughter's face it sounds and looks like you are a great mom.

  7. ahh your right, yet again YUMMama :) last night instead of freaking out about everything I went home after working out and rearranged my books and movies. Instead of trying to do everything I just focused on 1 aspect of the house. And I feel good about how it looks. And today I'll tackle the kitchen. 1 step at a time...


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