Sunday, December 19, 2010

Monday Mamavation 12.20

What a week, what a week! If you remember in last week’s post I wanted to walk a total of 25 miles this past week. Below are my totals:

Monday: 2
Tuesday: 3.2
Wednesday: 4.2
Thursday: 5.3
Friday: 2.6
Saturday: 3.5
Sunday: 1.8

TOTAL: 22.6

So I didn’t make my 25 miles, and I’m ok with it. I walked, and walked, and walked some more. I’ve been walking for exercise for the last 3 weeks; here are my totals for the past 3 weeks:

12-20 = 22.6 miles
12-13 = 22.1 miles
12-6 = 19.9 miles

I’m making steady progress walking more which is great news. Though this week my leg and feet started throbbing and aching, so it made me incredibly unmotivated to want to walk. But, this week, I really do feel like I walked as much as I could. I opted out of taking the bus several times even when I just wanted to hop on. I braved the frigid temps of Boston bundled up and just sucked it up!

Sooo I took my measurements tonight, and it’s not good. Not good at all. I found some measurements I took sometime between April and May and..lets just say I’ve expanded…everywhere. So it’s put me in a funky mood. I’m the type of person that craves immediate results. So in my head I’m like ok I’ve been walking consistently for 3 weeks now, why don’t my pants feel looser? Why don’t my arms look tighter? Why don’t my abs look more defined. I know I need to give myself a break, but its frustrating! It’s really really frustrating. Gotta keep telling myself, Rome wasn’t built in a day!

I’ve been doing better with healthy snacks! But not doing well with packing lunch. Fail. I haven’t been cooking a lot, which means I don’t have any leftovers to bring for lunch. And I haven’t been choosing the most healthy lunch choices.

I avoided doing pushups alllll week! I’m starting this program that is supposed to help you build up your pushup strength to be able to do 100 pushups! Pure craziness…and I love it! I finally took the initial test tonight which consisted of doing as many pushups as you could before you reached failure. I managed to bang out 15 pushups on my knees. The number probably would have been 2 if I did them on my toes. So the plan has you do pushups 3x a week. I hope I can survive, I’m a little nervous, but I need to build up my upper body strength, so I’m ready to dig deep!!

Oh, oh, oh, and for those of you who read last week’s post I was saying that I was going to beg ask my Zumba instructor if I could bring my 5 year old daughter with me to Zumba class. Not to side and watch, but to participate! She is a 5 year old dancing machine, and can probably outdance many grown adults! So, I asked her….and…. she said YES! She said I could bring her!! Wooo-Hoo!! I was so excited!! I would have gone this past Thursday, but my daughter had Girls Scouts, so we’ll have to attend a class after the New Year. I was so excited! Being a single mom with extremely limited support, I have my daughter with me all the time, and have to adapt my exercise routine to be able to be done with her around. This is a great and fun way to exercise, and I KNOW my daughter will totally lose her mind in excitement!

This Weeks goals:

- Walk 15 miles [with the holiday I hope to still get in as much walking as I can]
-Pack a healthy lunch everyday this week
-Pack healthy snacks [already bought carrots + celery sticks]
-Increase water intake!
-Do a set of pushups + sit-ups 3x this week
-Resist temptation on Christmas!!

I still need your consistent support to become the next Mamavation Mom! We have until January 5th to show the people behind Mamavation that I have support! The public can’t vote until finalists have been chosen January 5th so keep the support going please!

1. Visit Mamavation Facebook Page and tell them why they think I would make a good Mamavation Mom. Be sure to include my handles @YoungFabMama | @AlexandraElizabeth
2. Visit, like, and comment on my Youtube video application. Click Here
3. Tweet: “Hey @bookieboo! I want (@YoungFabMama) to be the next #Mamavation Mom. She has my support!


  1. You're doing great Alex! Try not too be too hard on yourself. So excited for you on Zumba! Can't wait to read the post om the first lesson!

  2. Great job on the walking! I bet you will be up to 25 miles in no time. That is fabulous you will be able to take your daughter to the Zumba class. Great motivation for everyone there to see a younger person burning it up!

    Have a great week and good luck with the Mamavation campaign!

  3. Awesome job on the walking! Especially cool that you didn't take the bus when you could have! Not sure I would have been able to do that!

    That's so cool about your daughter and Zumba!! I'd love to see a 5-year-old doing that!!

    Good luck this week with your goals!

  4. You are doing a great job, Alex! I know it's hard when you dont see immediate results, but hang in there. Keep doing what you're doing and you WILL see results. And then, after a few weeks, if you reach a plateau, increase your intensity. Then you'll see even MORE results.

    I'm so proud of you! It takes a lot of courage to admit to all your readers that you didn't make the 25 miles and that you didn't pack healthy lunches. Most people would be like, "I did everything i could!" LOL.

    Your daughter is gonna LOVE Zumba! I'm so happy you get to bring her -- I know it's tough to work out when you have no one to watch her, but this will help alot.

    As for the water thing, when my godmother was trying to loose weight, she drank a glass of water BEFORE every meal. That way, she automatically ate less b/c she had the water. And then she also ate healthy snacks and meals.

    Keep it up! I'm rooting for ya!

  5. Would you like to motivate you to shred? I will gladly do that (and it does work with abs)
    Great job on walking and BrrrrCold for living in Boston. Do the best you can and we are hear to support

  6. I LOVE your application video. You have such heart and determination and I can see the fire in your eyes to do this and do it well. Kuddos to you on not letting other people tell you that you can't because you can!

    BTW you MUST post some pics of your little one in Zumba class with you!

  7. @TheBabyMammaChronicles – Thank you! I’m learning to give myself a break!!

    @Owen’s Mom – Thanks! I hope I can pull off the 25miles, though the cold has been messing up my miles, but I’m trying!

    @Gretablau – I know my daughter is going to loooove Zumba! I’m sure she’ll inspire, motivate, and put a smile on the face of the people in the class!

    @Alicia – I just had my lunch [which I packed] and had a glass of water before! Thanks for the tip! I also have to be cautious of the portions I pack for myself for lunch! If I see more, I eat more!
    Yes it does take a lot of courage to be honest with myself and my readers, but I have too. I owe it to myself, and in doing so I am getting such great support for you all!
    Lil mama is going to die when I tell her we are going to Zumba! I had to pull her out of a dance class last month due to finances and being car-less, so I know she’ll love an opportunity to dance with mommy 

    @elenka29 – I’d love to know more! Email or tweet me! @YoungFabMama

    @Steph – Thank you for viewing my video, I really appreciate it! I definitely have a kind of fire and determination that I have never felt before. I feel like this is *my time*
    Yes, Yes I will def post pics of my daughter when we are at Zumba! I’m so excited!!

  8. Good luck on the campaign! How exciting that you get to take your daughter to Zumba! I want to get the wii game so we can all do it as a family because I KNOW my boys would love it too!

    Measurements are a great way to keep track but don't get to down on yourself! You are making positive changes and your body will show it if you continue! :)

    Good luck this week and MERRY CHristmas!

  9. Way to go on the walking! You may not have made it to your goal, but you are super close with such a busy schedule. That would be me walking to the state boarder from my house, but not sure I want to brave the cold and wild animals, lol.
    You are inspiring me to walk more. Chin up with the measurements. Maybe they have changed since you started walking everywhere. It took 6 weeks for me to see the difference in the last campaign.
    So excited for you to get your daughter in Zumba too. Getting fit helps when you have plans and support for the little ones.
    Good Luck with the campaign!

  10. Great job walking Alex - keep the consistency and you'll see results soon!
    Merry Christmas!

  11. Great job on the miles!! Even though you didn't make your goal, you still did AWESOME!!! Your goals for the week look great too. One of the biggest lessons I've learned this year is to set realistic goals given the circumstances. You're doing great!

  12. WORK IT OUT MAMA! I wished we lived closer, I'd walk with ya!

    Best of luck to you on your goals this week. I know you will reach them.

  13. Great walking week. Sounds like reasonable goals for the busy week ahead. Best of luck with your Mamavation campaign too.

  14. thats awesome that your daughter is getting active so cute. good luck with your goals and thats good that you got in so many miles be proud of your accomplishments


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