Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday Mamavation

Last week walking totals:

Monday: 4.6
Tuesday: 5
Wednesday: 4.7 miles
Thursday: 4.6 [30 degrees]
Friday: 1.2 [28 degrees]
Saturday: 1.5
Sunday: 0
Total = 21.6 miles

So I managed to walk just a bit more than the previous week and that’s great!!! I wish I would have been able to get out on Sunday, but it was raining cats and dogs and I was stuck doing my finals, which I waited until the last minute to submit.

Some challenges I faced this week was the frigid temperature. Thursday as only 30 degrees and Friday was a chilly 28 degrees. It was extremely difficult to find the motivation to get up and walk instead of taking the bus. On Friday I opted for the bus, because it was just too damn cold. Though I shouldn’t complain I’ve seen the weather reports of other parts of the country getting slammed with snow!

Also on Thursday I did some calf presses while at the bus stop with my daughter. My calf was like, what the heck is going on!! I did about 20 of them, and definitely felt it most of the day Thursday.

I was too nervous-embarrassed-horrified-terrified to take ‘before’ pictures or measurements before I started walking 2 weeks ago, so I don’t really know if I’ve begun to tighten-tone-lose. I don’t see or feel a difference physically. My morning walk into work gets me more motivated than I had been before I started walking. But, I’m not sleeping better at night. Maybe once I start to shed these lbs I’ll be able to actually sleep through the night. Damn you sleep apnea.

What helped me this week was the arrival of my super comfy walking sneakers! Thank you Zappos for upgrading my shipping!! Before I was wearing my running sneakers which are a bit bulky, and they were hurting my feet. So I was on the hunt on Zappos for some cute sneakers and found these:

They are amazing and 100% comfortable for all the walking that I do [should be doing]. And they have definitely made for more comfortable commuting back and forth.

Snacking is something that I’m having a problem with. While I’m still sticking to smaller lighter dinners snacking throughout the day is a problemo for me. When I snack, it’s usually unhealthy stuff. So my new tactic is to put healthy snacks on my desk, so if I have a craving, I only see snacks that are good for me. See my raw almonds on my desk! Yumm. I also have to keep up the water intake, which is hard because I don’t love water. I was using a large glass, which was actually a bit intimidating. And because I like drinking ice cold water, I knew I had to change it up. So I’ve started using a smaller glass, and refilling it more often.

So this week I’m aiming at walking 25 miles [] and I’m going to look around for an affordable foam yoga roller, like this one:
Photo courtesy of
My upper back/traps/shoulders are extremely tense because I’m at the computer for 8 hours a day. I do try to take frequent breaks and stretch, but my upper back is pissed. I’ve tried a foam roller before, and it took some getting used to, but it really helped isolate and loosen the tense spots. It’s also good for lower back and leg pain.

I love love love muscle! My legs have always been stronger than my arms, and I want to build my arm strength. And I want to start doing pushups [shoot-me]. I found this site online which helps you to be able to eventually do 100 pushups. I’m not looking to do 100, but I’d like to be able to do more than 5 without falling on my face!!!

Oh and I've also contacted my local Zumba teacher to see if I can bring my daughter into a class with me. I've taken a few Zumba classes before and have loved them! But haven't been able to go for the past 6 months because I don't have anyone local to watch my daughter. The solution? Bring my daughter with me. But see, she wouldn't just sit there on the sidelines cheering me on. She'd be up there next to me dancing too! lol. She is a 5 year old dancing machine!! So I have to see if that is ok, I'm hoping it is, because I know that she would love the music and dancing. And I'd love to be able to go to Zumba again!

I'm trying!!


  1. Go Alex! I know you're pretty fierce when you put your mind to something, so I'm sure you'll conquer that 25 miles. Another thing you can try for your back that a friend of mine recommended (she's a massage therapist) is getting a small (fist sized) hard ball and placing it between the area bugging you and a wall. Then you apply pressure & roll it to those areas. It feels soooo good. She gave me a "pinky ball" but you might just have something like it hanging around the house :)
    xoxo, Lani

  2. WHOA!! You are on a rolll!! Yes- the looseness etc will come... Im so pumped right now! I cant wait to get back from NY and get crack-a-lacking!! I have the same issue with upper body strength. I cant even do a pull up with the assist- SAD!

    You Go gurrrl (martin voice)!



  3. Oh, I am with you on spending 8 hours in front of the computer. I love my massages, but haven't had the time lately. And I we can't eat at our desks, which is not good. Good Luck on water!

  4. Great job on the walking and cute shoes!

    I know it's awful to think about but I really encourage you take those before pics, weights, measurements because it will allow you to track progress, tweak your plan if need be or keep doing what you're doing because it's working. It's also something you can look back to later and see where you've been and use it to encourage you to keep pushing forward.

  5. Great job on so much. The walking, getting shoes appropriate for your activity, finding ways to do your water better, good snacks, etc.

    For your back you may want to also strengthen your rhomboids. I work with some computer folks on their issues and a lot of it strengthening. I did this presentation if you want ideas

  6. You go girl. You can do it. Cool shoes by the way!

  7. You're doing so well! I'm so proud of you. Youll be a pushup Queen before you know it with that program. I hope that they let you take your little girl to Zumba with you! Keep us posted.

  8. You go girl!!! You are doing awesome!! Back in the days ( way back) when I used to exercise I used to do the Zumba class. They are so much fun!. I hope they let your little girl go with you. That would be great for the exercise, but for the mother- daughter bonding.. Keep me my fingers crossed!

  9. Thank You all!!

    @Lani - Thank you for the recommendation! Solana has to have something I can use in that room of hers!

    @Ro - Pull-Ups are suuuper hard, but we can conquer anything with hard work and dedication! I am definitely excited about the possibility of losing and toning, its whats keeping me going. Cant wait to get you going too!!!

    @Elenka- 8 hours @ the computer is brutal, but just have to remember to take breaks often!!

    @Steph-Fit - I also think its really important to take before pictures and measurements. I will make sure to do it next week. But I prob wont share the results. But will keep you all posted on progress!

    @Kia - Great and thank you. Will check out the video and let you know! Thanks for sharing!!

    @Mrs. K - Thanks lady!! I'm trying!!

    @TheBabyMamma - Thank You!!! I feel good about all of this and its helping so much getting support from people like you :)

  10. @Alexandra - Thank You! I am crossing my fingers hoping that they let my daughter go too!!

  11. LOVE all those walking miles! I just finished up training to walk the Vegas Rock and Roll half last week, and it totally left me fired up to do MORE! Isn't it funny how just walking can be such a satisfying way to exercise?

    You're doing great! And that is the biggest tub of almonds I have ever seen.

  12. Yay, Alex! I'm so happy for your progress! It just takes one step at a time!I totally understand what you mean about the cold zapping your motivation though. It's 16 degrees here today. Gah! You are so on the right track with the snacks too. Continue to bring your own and it will make a huge difference! Looking forward to seeing more of your progress, and I will have an email back to you today!


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