Monday, January 17, 2011

Mamavation Monday

Last Week’s Goals:
-Walk 20 miles
-Continue The Shred – Level 2
-3-30sec planks everyday
-10 pushups everyday
-Zumba class Tuesday
-Buy water bottle & record water intake
-Lose 2lbs

This Week’s Totals:
Monday: 3.4 miles - Shred
Tuesday: 3.4 miles - Shred
Wednesday: 0 - Snow Storm
Thursday: 3.4 miles - Shred
Friday: 6.42 miles, 14,539 steps
Saturday: 3.09 miles, 7,012 steps
Sunday: 0.41 miles, 931 steps

Total Miles = 20.12

This was a rough week for me mentally, physically, and emotionally. My semester started on Monday and I have two very interesting and tough classes: Social Problems + Biology of AIDS and STDS. They are 6 week intensive courses compared to regular courses that run 12 weeks. That means double the work. Which means I’m stressing out. On top of that I was chosen as a Mamavation Mom finalist, which means I was on a crazy marketing campaign trying to get votes. I’m exhausted. The results of the 2 Moms are the winners are announced tonight. I’m sure I’ll have a post up tomorrow one way or another. THANK YOU to all that have supported me and voted and helped spread the word. It was so very very appreciated. Thank You just doesn’t seem like enough.

Update: I didn’t win Mamavation Mom.Thank you for the support of friends, family, and fellow bloggers.

Next Week’s Goals:

-Walk 20 miles
-Keep track of water
-Continue Shred
-Watch serving size

Weight: 168.4
Chest: 39
Waist: 39
Hips: 42

Entering another Mamavation challenge, called Move it or Lose it.


  1. You're my Mamavation mom because you encouraged me to hit the treadmill. I'm only walking 5 minutes this week and increasing every week by 5 minutes until I reach one hour.
    Like you I do agree there should be more diversity and I didn't expect to see any color. I hoped they would prove me wrong but that's just how they do....

  2. You're doing an amazing job motivating people, so in my view you ARE a Mamavation mom! Don't let this setback slow you down. Look how far you've come already.

  3. Just think about it,
    You were one of very few to be chosen and represent US and you did a fabulous job. And now your representation is going to encourage more of us to get healthy, to represent us on mamavation, or maybe create your own mamavation. You know if we want representation (proper representation) we have to do it ourselves.

    You did good and we're proud of you. Hell you've inspired let me get this WW account restarted...


  4. Wow you are a busy lady. The exercise is going to help with the stress of new classes. You can do it! Good Luck.

  5. Hi! New pledge in the sistahood here.

    Don't get down on yourself for school - don't let it stress you out. I am in school too - although mine is online, and so I can go at my own pace (thank God!). For me, its easy to schedule an hour or two a day for school, and do that. Not sure how young your kid is, maybe do it while they are taking a nap. That could be helpful. In any case, keep it up! Its great that your in school, taking that step to better yourself.

    What are you in school for? Me, Accounting.
    I look forward to reading more of your posts!


  6. You've totally got my support, mama!!! Great achievable goals there!

    Best of luck with schools- you're super mama. A true inspiration in every way!

  7. Wish You luck in your weigh loss goals no matter what

  8. I know it's dissappointing not to make the top 2 but you are still a winner in my book! I'm here to help with your goals if there is ever ANYTHING I can help with! I know you are going to face MILI with the same determination and strength that makes you inspiring to me and so many others!

  9. You're MY winner. I'm back to school too, trying to be healthy and study and be a wife and mom. So, I'm sure you're disappointed, but you're still an inspiration to many! Including me.

  10. MORNING!!!! Thanks again for all your support in my journey! Im so excited to do this with you!!

    30 by 30!!!


  11. Oh my, you are motivating this mama right here. Love the stats. Good job Mama!

    B.B @ Working Mom Journal

  12. You are ON YOUR WAY! Just from your tweeting I can see you are super-dedicated to getting this thang done. I'll be here rooting you on now and when you reach goal! ka-BOOM!


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