Monday, January 24, 2011

Mamavation Monday

Goals for last week:
-Walk 20 miles
-Keep track of water
-Continue Shred
-Watch serving size

Last Week’s Totals:
Monday: 2.5mi [5,662 steps] - Shred
Tuesday: 5.23mi [11,848 steps] – 1hr Zumba
Wednesday: 3.01mi [6,828 steps] - Shred
Thursday: 5.73mi [12,967 steps] - Shred
Friday: 0.74mi [1693 steps] – Turbo-Jam
Saturday: 2.71mi [6149 steps] - Stretch
Sunday: Stretch

Walking Totals: 19.92miles

I continued the 30 Day Shred this week and as of today have 7 days left. I’m really excited to be on the last week because Jillian Michaels is really getting on my nerves!

I’ve had upper trapezoid pain for awhile now. Seems like whenever I get into a workout routine my traps get super tension. And it has happened again. I pulled my trapezius muscle. They hate life. They are super super tense and ache! Which means I haven’t been doing Shred for the past couple days. I’ve instead been switching hold and cold ice packs, stretching, and popping advil. Eck. I tried Yoga tonight, but it just reaffirmed how much I hate Yoga. This pain is ridiculous and I want it to go away ASAP! I'm going to try to swap out both my chairs at work and home with stability balls with hopes that it helps me with my occasional lazy posture. If you have any tips/suggestions please send them my way!!!

In happier news on my weekly weigh-in on Sunday I managed to lose 0.8lbs. Again. What is up with this not-even-1-pound-business? I’m getting really annoyed!!! I know I should be happy the number on the scale is going down, but I’m getting bummed the number isn’t decreasing faster considering all the darn walking I do! I mean I WALK giiiirl! Sigh.

My daughter and I were FINALLY able to make it to Zumba on Tuesday! Getting there and getting home was a disaster, but the actual class was fun and there were only a few people due to the crazy weather, so we really got to enjoy ourselves. She was a little shy at first and by the end of the class she was running around and dancing around. Too friggen cute!!

I really really really want to lose 2lbs this week!!! So I’m going to try to go low-no carb. No potatoes no bread. I’ll have to grow to love brown rice and if I need to I’ll add in whole wheat pasta. This will be a challenge. Also, once traps are feeling better going to increase my 30min workouts to 45minutes by adding in TurboJam as cardio.

This Week’s Goals:
-Walk 15 miles
-Lose 2lbs
-Low-No Carbs
-Continue eating hearty breakfast
-Stretch/Heal traps

How are you getting more fiber in your diet this New Year? I've started using flaxseed in smoothies and dishes as well as FiberOne bars.

BLOGGING CARNIVAL: This week’s blogging carnival is sponsored by Fiber Plus


  1. You're on the right trajectory, even if it's not going as fast as you'd like. The weight loss will come. And brown rice and whole grain pasta are actually quite tasty. I recently started eating cinnamon-raisin Ezekiel bread & cinnamon-raisin Fiber One bagels. Both are crazy with fiber and protein (and actually taste good)!

  2. Your doing well!! Good job lady! Maybe I will try the no carb thing..WoW.. I'm scared..

  3. Keep going, Alex!!! You are doing a good job so keep pushing yourself and you'll see those two pounds melt away.

  4. Oh, you are doing well honey! I am so proud of you. I am thiking of trying the walking too :)I think I am just lazy because I am 123lbs

  5. Hang in there. Remember some people never see big drops on scale because as they burn the fat it turns into muscle and muscle is heavier. Instead, they see their biggest changes in their clothing sizes and the way their bodies feel. So, please don't judge your progress by those evil numbers on the scales.

  6. I know it's tough when you have that weight goal in mind but you are likely losing fat and gaining muscle (which is heavier) so keep that in mind. Hope your traps are feeling better soon!


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