Sunday, April 8, 2012

The family that plays together, stays together #Wiifamilia

Up until Christmas last year I was what you could call a Wii hater. Having not been able to justify the purchase of a video game system in my budget, I was stuck being in awe of the Wii at my friends and family’s home. I’d urge certain friends to have us over so I could secretly play their Wii. It became clear within the first five minutes of arriving that I was there to play the Wii!! After seeing my daughter’s face light up after playing Just Dance 2 a few times, I knew that purchasing a Wii was a must somehow, someway!

Christmas morning rolled around and my daughter was ESTATIC to find out that one of her presents was a Wii complete with Just Dance 2 and 3! I called it the gift that keeps on giving, because I was as excited as she was to have a Wii in our home. I am always looking for more creative and engaging ways to get some fitness in, and have had to focus more on at home workouts because of my daughter. I thought this was perfect because it was something fun we could do together that wouldn’t only strengthen our bond, but also burn some calories. Win, Win!

Having never been a fan of instruction manuals I eagerly setup the Wii console, and to my surprise setup was extremely user friendly, moved some wired here, plugged in some things there, and we were good to go! We had tons of fun setting up our virtual characters then we were off to Just Dance! Though I think that the sensor is a bit funny, we have had loads of fun playing the Wii, and it’s a great game to bring out when we have people over. It doesn’t take up much room and easily lives on our entertainment center. As the title says, the family that plays together, stays together!!

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