Saturday, April 7, 2012

Foodler Review

We all love a home cooked meal. My idea of a perfect meal would consist of cheesy baked macaroni and cheese with a breadcrumb topping, sautéed kale with garlic, warm buttery rolls, and barbecued chicken that has been marinating overnight. Yumm, right? As a busy working mom I am forever on the go, and even though I try I don’t always win with meal planning and therefore a lot of meals are last minute. I do try to cook a home cooked meal each night for myself and my daughter, but listen it doesn’t always work like that! Between late nights at work and her various activities and birthday parties, sometimes takeout is the answer.

And that’s what I love Foodler! They make online ordering of take-out and delivery food from local restaurants quick and easy! Foodler is a fast-growing network of online restaurants in many cities that offers a wide selection of menus and cuisines.

Foodler Gives You:
·       Easy, intuitive, and free online ordering from restaurant menus.
·       Complete listings of restaurants that offer delivery and take-out in your area.
·       Accurate prices, restaurant savings, and online coupons.
·       A variety of menus including Chinese, Italian, Pizza, Mexican, Japanese, and Thai.
·       Exclusive restaurant and dish ratings

Foodler Rewards You:
·      Earn FoodlerPoints for every dollar you spend and every restaurant and dish you review.
·      FoodlerPoints can be redeemed for gift cards, FoodlerBucks and even cash.
·      Exclusive discounts
·      Rebates in the form of FoodlerBucks for trying new participating restaurants
·      Contest every Friday on our Facebook that rewards FoodlerBucks

My ordering experience with Foodler was great! I ordered from one of my favorite local restaurants providing fresh local ingredients: Stone Hearth Pizza. I was craving some of their delicious parmesan flatbread and chopped salad. Everything was very clear on the website and 45 minutes later I was inhaling my online order! The website could use some sprucing up, but other than that everything I ordered was exactly how it was delivered to my door! Bye bye to a messy menu drawer, and hello to a whole new way to order take-out and delivery!

 Disclosure: This is a sponsored post by Foodler. All opinions expressed are the blogger’s own views not influenced by any outside biases.