Thursday, April 12, 2012

Review: Mario Party 9 Wii Game

I looove my Wii, I wrote about how user friendly and interactive the Wii is in my previous post The family that plays together, stay’s together. When we get the chance to get new games we love figuring out how to play and uncovering new levels!

We were thrilled to review Mario Party 9! I mean who doesn’t love Mario!! Lots of laughs and fun have been spent in our house playing Mario Kart, and it lets me know that my daughter should probably never ever get her license!!

For the first time in the franchise, boss battles crash the party and challenge players to compete to defeat a common enemy. In addition, players now travel across stages together in a vehicle towards a common goal – overcoming obstacles, battling bosses, and collecting Mini Stars stolen by Bowser and his minions. Featuring 80 new minigames, adventurous new stages, and all-new ways to play that blend cooperative and competitive action for up to four players.

Playing games for the first time can sometimes be a bit frustrating, and we did feel that way about this game. We loved that it was a team effort, and all the characters are playing towards the same goal, but it was a bit confusing for my daughter, and even for me. You have the option of having help and tips along the way which were helpful and helped to explain some of what was going on, overall my daughter wasn’t very impressed. The minigames though were another story, and the fact that there are so many to choose from were exciting, the many times we played we never played the same one twice. You also have the option to practice playing the minigames before the actual game, which we did every time. These minigames include making pizza, escaping haunted mansions, and racing snowmobiles.

We’re happy to add Mario Party 9 to our collection of Wii games, though we’ll need more practice in understanding how to maximize playing the game!!

What’s your favorite Wii game?

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