Wednesday, April 7, 2010


In part 1 of IMAGE-IMAGE-IMAGE I used the term everyday woman freely  without describing what my definition is.
An everyday woman is:
·         Of any race, ethnicity, or culture
·         Working, underpaid, unemployed
·         A mother, aunt, or daughter
·         Not necessarily content with her body image
·         Self-conscious
·         On average about 140 pounds
Where did our negative body image come from? Our mothers? Our friends? Media? While media takes the cake with persuading American women that beauty means to be thin, your culture also plays a part. Latin women are known to be curvaceous as well as confident. Latin men love their full figured Latino women. So, should all American’s relocate to Latin communities or countries? I think not.
Like the new Lifetime show,  How to Look Good Naked, we as a society need to redefine what beauty truly is and remember that true beauty comes from within. We need to teach ourselves to self-love rather than self-loathe. While bypass surgery and crash diets may seem appealing, it won’t change your mind or your heart.
American women, what is so wrong with accepting your bodies?
I challenge you. Whether you are 15 or 55, black, yellow, or pea green. I challenge you to love every part of yourself. If you wake up in the morning and don’t like what you see in the morning like me, change what you see. Take out that red lipstick you were always too shy to wear and use it for once. Write on your mirror ‘I AM BEAUTIFUL!’ Yes, women for once, do something for you. And post this saying all around your house. If your husband asks what you’re doing, tell him, I’m beautiful and clearly you don’t tell me enough! And if you’re single like me, it’ll be that added umph you need when you’re feeling down. 

Research what works well with your body type. Don’t know your body type? Do a little google search and I think you’ll be able too. Find out if darker jeans work best or a wrap dress. Trust me, when you find something that works with what you’re working with, it’s magic and it’ll boost that inner self-confidence. Once you’ve found that perfect outfit, go get your hair down, nothing crazy though. And when you get back in that mirror, get out that lipstick and write on the mirror then put a little on.

And when life has you down remember the following:

LAUGH! Hahaha. Remembering you have a sense of humor is important.

Eat healthier. Yes, fast food seems oh so convenient, but it also isn’t the best for your health. Snack smart and sensibly. Throw a bag of mixed nuts in your purse or snag a few of those cheerios!

Get Moving! Yes exercise people! Instead of driving, walk to where you have to go. Take the stairs instead of elevator. Trust me; your thighs will thank me.

Express Yourself. Bottling up your emotions is a no-no. Let it out. Not comfortable talking to someone? Start a journal, or draw what you’re feeling.

Think Positive. If you think today’s going to be a good day and it’ll be a good day. Think it’s going to be a bad day and it’ll be a bad thing. The mind is a powerful thing.

It’s crazy how small changes can make you feel so much better.

So, self-conscious American women, up for the challenge?


  1. Love this Alex. Something I very much needed to read tonight. I love how you said "We need to teach ourselves to self-love rather than self-loathe". And yes the mind is a powerful thing!!

  2. Nadia! So glad you got the chance to check out my blog! Every woman has issues with their body image and for most women the way we view ourselves is NOT the way others view us. It's true that we are our own worst critics, especially us women. I blame the media alot for highlighting these unattainable images of whom a woman should want to look like, its such BS!! I got a comment on Part 1 from a reader that says she's trying to be the best ME..period, and thats what we all need to do. We need to just do us, and leave all the negativity and judgment behind us. Only then will we be able to see how truly beautiful we all are!

  3. YES! The media has A LOT to do with image. Too many women with fake boobs, botox injections, and near death skinny frames running around tv these days. It's so ridiculous. And YES! We need to just do us.. No negativity...I like the sound of that!Theres a part one??? Oh I gotta read that one too...!

  4. Yes there is a part 1, check-it-out!! Yes the tv, radio, even newspapers with ads for plastic surgery and wigs and fake nails and fake tans and blah blah blah. What happened with being real and authentic, since when did being someone else become better than being the real you???

  5. "since when did being someone else become better than being the real you"??? Good point Alex!

  6. I know my body type. Its Chunky Sexy! LOL But in all seriousness.. I love both these posts.. I read them last night and my comp wouldnt let me comment.

    This is something I've struggled with.. but not in the traditional way... Ive struggled with being happy with myself- with others telling me I shouldnt be!- I want to lose weight to remain healthy and active.. not because I feel unnattractive.. but many people dont see it that way. Sad.

    So you are 100% right- authenticity wins over everytime. I like being authentic and realistic in my goals!



  7. Hey Ro, thanks for your comment. We have to be realistic @ our goals, if not that we will continue to be disappointed in ourselves. I love that you are owning and embracing who you are. I can tell through your words that you are a confident woman. So many of us women arent [hanging head] but there is such power in being confident in who we are and how we look. Hats off 2 you lady!!


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