Monday, April 19, 2010

my 1st acknowledgment!

A few days ago I was delighted to receive an email from Tiffany Stephens. Tiffany authors the blog, Young Wife and Mom, a place where she and her readers can talk about freebies, deals, scrapbooking and relationships. (I suggest you check it out!)

Mrs. Stephens was honored by Shanna over at The Autry Family blog. And in honor of her being a recipient of, she passed the award on to 10 fellow bloggers…one of them being myself!! She said we were awesome bloggers!!!

So Tiffany…thank you very much for the acknowledgment. As a new and younger blogger its great to get recognition from fellow bloggers.

You made my week!!


  1. You are so very welcome! Thank you for the link back to my blog. Enjoy your award and continue creating all these great posts!

  2. Of course, us bloggers have to stick together :)thanks again!!


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