Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Journaling Motherhood

I was over reading The Young Mommy Life’s most recent post, Love Letter to my 2 year old. Tara wrote a letter to her soon to be 2 year old son, and it really touched me and is the inspiration for this post.

My daughter will be 5 at the end of next month (where in the world did time go??) when she was first born I didn’t work and had time to write in my journal about motherhood and update her baby book and work on her scrapbook. But as time went on I went back to work, and if that wasn’t enough I went back to school full-time. So now I work full-time, am a full-time student, and a single mom. So needless to say my schedule is a bit packed and I hardly have time to breathe most days. But Tara’s post made me think about that journal that I wrote in.

My daughter turning 5 next month is a big landmark for me. For us. A few days after her 5th birthday I’ll be celebrating (dreading) my 25th birthday. I think back to 2:11pm on September 22nd, 2005 when I saw my surprisingly pale daughter for the first time. I thought she’d be a baby forever. And when she became a toddler I thought she’d be a toddler forever. And now as we prepare for her to start Kindergarten in just weeks, I cannot not believe that my baby girl has grown up so fast.

I don’t want to forget about the little things she says and the funny things she does. These moments are so precious and priceless and I want to be able to remember them and share them with her when she is older.

So I’ve decided I want to journal about motherhood, a diary for my daughter when she gets older. I can track my thoughts and feelings as she continues to grow and learn and explore. I should have started this when she was a baby, but better late than never. 

My baby girl when she was 6 months


  1. That's a great idea! I wish I had written more during his first year of life. I took random pictures but wasn't as organized. But I am cool with it. Being a single parent is no easy task. Especially when you add working and school to it.

    Your baby girl is so precious!

  2. Aww!!! What a terrific idea... that I'm so totally gonna steal!!! LOL. I've been meaning to update my son's baby book, but I haven't done so yet... but after reading this post, I'm totally gonna journal and make it into a book for him for when he gets older.

    And how precious is lil miss diva? Love the pic!

  3. Glad I found your blog. Where does the time go is a good question. I had started a baby book for my son when he was first born and didn't keep up with it. Now, he's 4 and starting pre-school next week. Maybe I can start a journal with his school years. Like you said, better late than never.

  4. @SweetAl - 25 sounds AWFUL!! ewwww, I'm definetly NOT embracing getting older. I'm on my way to Origins to get some anti-aging creme!!! shooooooot!! LOLZ

    @Jackie - Aww starting pre-school, I'm sure youll have many memories you want to remember and write down. I think its a realyl good idea and doesn't matter when we start them, just matters that we start them :)


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