Friday, November 12, 2010

What scares me about Co-Parenting

Living in Massachusetts all my life, I’ve heard about The Massachusetts Alliance on Teen Pregnancy briefly throughout the years, and then became more aware of them once Tara over at The Young Mommy Life starting writing with them. After a bit of networking I have happily been asked to write for their blog called The Pushback. The Pushback is a great blog through the alliance whose contributors are those that work directly with young parents or young parents themselves (like me and Tara). The Pushback is a chance to push against all that ignorance, bitterness, and prejudice and show what young parenthood really looks like.

I’m excited to share my first post with you all, and it’s titled: What scares me about Co-Parenting. Yes, if you are one of my dedicated readers you know I’ve written quite a few posts regarding my tense co-parenting relationship. There is a lot of fear I have for myself and daughter because of my now strained relationship with my daughter’s father. I encourage you to check out my post along with the Alliance, which is a great support for people in Massachusetts as well as nationwide.


  1. I read it... it was was deep and thought provoking. Although I responded on it already, I just wanted to add, the fact that you are doing all of this amazing work and writing for different blogs, telling your story, is living PROOF that you have what it takes to shape yours and your daughter's future. She will certainly learn courage, resiliency, and confidence from YOU. You already embody those qualities and you will pass them along to her.

  2. I'm going to head over and check that out now. Mason's dad and I are back together now but it is always a question how long we will last. One of the main reasons I'm terrified that it won't work out this time around is because I am SO afraid of what co-parenting with him is going to be like!

  3. Girl, you know I am already so proud of you. Glad to see you've joined the gang. Now that you're writing there, I gotta step my game up! You're an amazing writer and I love reading along with you on your journey. :)

  4. Thank You ladies for your support. This was a tough post to write, and I cried once I started getting into the meat of the post. Put I feel that being able to put these words down, being able to share them will enable me to peel off this fear, and start living and continue becoming into the woman and mother I want to be. This was the first time in a while that I was honest with myself and layed down my fears for all else to view and see. It's not easy, but it was time. So thank you for continuing to support me along this journey.
    @Alicia - Wow, I mean thank you so so much. I do hope that my daughter learns about courage and resiliency from me and my ability to press on.
    @Christa - Thanks for the comment. Thats great that you and Mason's Father are back together, but it is definetly scary to think about if you break up again. Of course you don't want that to dominate your thinking, but I'm sure you want to be prepared if that happens and will want to protect Mason if your relationship fails. Know your worth. Know that you are capable and strong enough to take care of him solo if need be. *hugs*
    @Tara - I feel like you are my cheerleader, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart! YML is such a great resource and you are such a fantastic woman! Keep doing your thang girl!!


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