Monday, February 14, 2011

Where is the love, the love, the love?

I’ve read so many anti-valentines updates today, and they’ve all rubbed me the wrong way. I’ve spent the past 2 Valentine’s Day with my significant other, but this year I’m single. And before today I was feeling really bummed about it. I mean, you can’t escape the reds and pinks and flowers and cards and candy. I was like, come ON already!! I was entirely salted that I was spending this Valentine’s Day without a boo by my side to enjoy this hallmark holiday with. And when I woke up I was all my all black everything status. No happiness here, just gloominess. Then I had a change of heart. I told myself my emotions determine the mood. This can either be a good day or I can spend the whole day miserable. So I put my black dress back, and instead chose a cream one topped off with a light pink scarf. And I decided that today was going to be a good day. Who friggen cares that I don’t have a boo today. I’m not going to curse all the couples I see. Love is a beautiful beautiful thing. And if people are lucky enough to find it than that’s glorious. We need to stop the hate, and appreciate!! We should all remember the wonderful people in our lives that we love and that mean something to us. This is a day not only for lovers, but this is a day for love in general. 

my daughter this am

I am so so blessed to have a awesome 5 year old to call my daughter and I love her to pieces. She is my valentine today and always. I turned my frown around when I saw her hair standing up in bed as she perked up and said mommy, its party day at school! She lights up my life, and makes me truly appreciate my ability to love and be loved.

And know what else I love about this hallmark holiday? Super awesome valentine chocolate will be discounted tomorrow! Hollller!!