Monday, January 16, 2012

New Year’s Resolution #1. Tip the dating scales in your favor!

Sexy singles everywhere are hitting the scene this January with renewed mojo! The holidays are over (for now) and I don’t know about you, but I sure ate one…or two…or three extra sweets I shouldn't have! And that’s why I’m so excited for The Fresh Diet!

The Fresh Diet is the hottest thing around, and it’s extremely doable! No starving yourself or denying yourself dessert! The Fresh Diet is America’s premiere diet delivery service, providing fresh, healthy, calorie portioned meals all right to your door! As a mom on the go, this type of system works so well with my lifestyle, it basically does all the work for me!

We’re not talking semi-fresh here people. We’re talking never processed, vacuum packed, or frozen! These delicious meals are cooked fresh daily in state of the art local kitchens. It’s like having your own personal chef! With hundreds of meals to choose from, you’ll have no problem figuring out what yummy meals you’d like to have! Daily delivery consists of 3 meals and 2 snacks! Yup, that means no cooking, no counting, and no clean up! Could you ask for an easier way to have fresh, nutritionally balanced meals for healthy weight loss? They do say that nutrition is half the battle when it comes to weight loss. If it were up to me, I’d work out all day every day than start dieting! But, how can I pass up The Fresh Diet, it has the taste, the variety, and the convenience!

I’m starting the year right, by trying my complimentary week of The Fresh Diet, and if you start today for just $29.99 per day, you get 3 days free with this special promo code: singlejan3. Visit to take advantage of this special offer or call 866-FRESH-50 (866-373-7450).

It’s true what they say about confidence…it comes from within. By fueling your body with good for you foods that confidence will exude from you and tip the dating scale in your favor as a single woman seeking. Why? Well because men are attracted to confident women!

The Fresh Diet is my perfect accessory to prepare me for the dating scene after all the holiday parties! Get the edge on your competition by saying YES to FRESH in 2012!!
Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post by The Fresh Diet. All opinions expressed are the blogger's own views not influenced by any outside biases.