Thursday, March 1, 2012

HATCHEDit: Because Mom’s need some help!

I think the last time I was stress-free was about ten years ago. I’ve been juggling so many different hats for so long, with few moments to stop and smell the flowers. Heck, I take the flowers and smell them on the way to the next destination!! Being a young mother and professional, my schedule is jam packed with meetings for work, swimming class, potlucks at school, dentist appointments, trips to the library, and play dates. More than one person has asked me how I do it all, my response is always: I have no idea!

I’ve found ways to help manage and organize the crazy that is called my life, and one of them has been HATCHEDit. It’s a wonderful online family management system designed to assist Moms in day to day planning. HATCHEDit is free (which I love, hey I’m on a budget) and is full of wonderful resources and tools which include an address book, news feeds, a pin board, and family calendar. Those of you who want to share information with Grandma or babysitters – this is the site for you! The site is collaborative giving Moms the ability to communicate important information with ease.

Wanna more about how HATCHEDit can benefit you? Check out the video below:

I’m a Mom on the go and I need something that is going to work with me and my schedule. Technology is a big part of my life, so I love being able to simply login and check information, as I’m infamous with writing an appointment down in my calendar but not updating my virtual calendar’s or my phone which can lead to a big mess and missed appointments! Out with the old and in with HATCHEDit!!

Would you use virtual organizational sites like HATCHEDit to help keep life in order?

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post by HATCHEDit. All opinions expressed are the blogger's own views and not influenced by any outside biases.