Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My 2011 Vision Board

I was introduced to the idea of making vision boards years ago during one of my classes. I intitally didn't like it. I was pessimitic that a little poster could help me reach my goals. But I was pleasently surprised, and have been making vision boards for years now.

After my homegirl Ashley over at Glam No Labelz talked about creating a vision board for 2011, I promised to create one as well. Then you happened, and I didn't create one. Then Ashley posted hers on her blog, then I knew I had to get my butt into gear!

So here is my 2011 vision board, which I completed weeks ago, but haven't had time to post. 

There is alot going on. But in a nutshell in 2011 I want too:

-Lose 30 lbs [gulp!] and get sexy abs, butt, and thighs lol
-I want to remain in a positive coparenting state of mind [woo-sah]
-I want to believe in myself
-I want to spend more time building relationships with my girlfriends
-I want a Wii, Blackberry, and Sony Vaio
-I want to save more + eliminate debt
-Build up my Project Single Moms affiliate
-Continue blogging and networking
-Breathe and try to relax [Though relax is not in my dictionary lol]
-Continue being the best mom I can be!

I've also included phrases that are meaningful to me like capable single mom, just live your life, and oh yes I can!

I've put this vision board in my bathroom so I can look at it everyday and remain focused on my goals.

Have you made a 2011 vision board? If so, what is on yours? Whats important to you this year? If you haven't made one, would you consider making one?