Sunday, May 23, 2010

love sum Cute Beltz!

A few months ago I took the plunge…and joined twitter (find me: YoungFabMama) and I was instantly greeted by other lovely and spectacular women. I was able to connect with Kristen Ford-Stevens, owner and designer extraordinaire of Cute Beltz, an online boutique child belt store.

Kristen so graciously sent me a beautiful belt to review for all my wonderful FABtastic viewers! And let me tell you, I am beyond pleased with Kristen, Cute Beltz, and the belt we received! Let’s take this step by step.

1 – Packaging -> The belt didn’t arrive in your standard plastic wrap. Nope! Not at Cute Beltz. Our belt came in a beautiful little box, like a special surprise! I waited until my daughter came home and we opened it together, which she thoroughly enjoyed!

 2 – Style -> My daughter changes about…5 times a day. Style is important to her J The belt we received had a beautiful flower design that lil mama fell in love with. Literally! After she wore it to school, she then brought it with her in her bag to school. She is a bit of a showoff. And now she wants to wear it with every outfit. She is now even more excited about getting dressed in the morning and the belt adds a great touch to her outfits!

3 – Durability -> Some of the belts I have received in the past have tattered due to poor construction. This is not the case here. The belt is durable, it’s sturdy, and seems like it will withstand 4 year old grabby hands! The quality of the material, 1” 100% cotton webbing, and fabric shows and as a Mom I appreciate the durability and longevity of the belt.
4 – Coupon -> Our special flower belt was amazing, but that wasn’t all we got! Included in our package was a coupon. HOORAY! I love love love coupons, hehe. I have promised lil mama that once she sleeps in her bed for a whole month we can together order her a new belt.

I love the variety of fabrics Cute Beltz offers, and they have equally fabtastic belts for lil guys too! Belts are $14.95 and come in an array of great designs. From the chocolate raspberry to the tutti fruitti to the sand-and-sea belts, you are bound to find 1…or 2 belts to add to your childs wardrobe!

With each belt you have the option of choosing a D-ring or Velcro closing. And oh, the gift sets!! For just $25.99 you can receive a beautiful gift set that includes a cute belt along with a bracelet that compliments the belt! It’s a great addition to an outfit or gift for that lil lady in your life!   

I am so happy I was able to connect with Kristen and find out more about Cute Beltz, and I hope you all check out all the fabtastic and oh-so-stylish belts on their website!!
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  1. That is a really cute belt. I will certainly be checking them out.

  2. Arent they adorable!!! They are so stylish! Cant wait to get another one!

  3. suuuuuuuuuuper cute. im such a girly girl, so i love little extra frills like these. will definitely check them out!


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